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Rajeev Janardan


Pandit Rajeev Janardan, the torch bearer of the Imdad Khani (Etawah) Gharana (Musical tradition), is recognized as one of today’s greatest sitar players of his generation in the field of Indian Classical Music.

Rajeev’s music is an innovative blending of the intricate gayaki ang (vocal style) and tantra ang (instrumental style). The uncanny accuracy of his meends, his delightful surlagao, the crystal clear superfast taankari in the compositions, the dirdir and the chikari variations in the jhala sections, leave the audience spell bound.

Rajeev Janardan had an inborn natural talent and aptitude for Music from his early childhood. He blossomed into a true artist under the valuable guidance of Pandit Bimlendu Mukherjee, a doyen of the famous Imdad Khani Gharana of Sitar.

Besides the music, Rajeev has Master Degree in Arts (Psychology). He has earned enviable acclaim by his recitals and received numerous honours and appreciations within the country and abroad.

“Mesteri virtuozitás, és improvizáció. Minden elemében tökéletes muzsika.”
– The Hindustan Times, 1996

“Those Music lovers who missed the sitar recital by Rajeev Janardan of Jabalpur at I.I.C. lost out some delightful Music. Rajeev showed that he has not only mastered the intricacies of the instrument but also understood what good music is all about. His music offers a heaven of peace and touches the listeners.”
– The Hindu