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Dainik Jagran 01.25.2010.

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Dainik Bhaskar 01.17.2010.

Patrika 01.17.2010.

Dainik Jagran 06.08.2007.

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Hindustan Times 06.08.2007.

Hindustan 06.07. 2007.

Dainik Bhaskar 05.15.2007.

Deshbandhu 05.15.2007.

Nava Bharat 05.15.2007.

Deshbandhu 05.09.2007.

Dainik Bhaskar 05.09.2007.


Nava Bharat 05.09.2007.

Shankara Arts Foundation organized a classical music program. Indians as well  foreign musicians participated on the event, and the theme of the music, presented by the Orchestra, was “Bharat Vijayee Bhava” directed by the international famous shankar-guitar artist, Dr. Kamala Shankar. Dr. R. Shankar, the patron of Shankara Arts Foundation, lightened the lamp and said: “The body need to be exercised by sports, the soul must be uplifted by music for the total health of the mankind.” In that orchestra participants were: Pt. Rajeev Janardan (sitar), Dr. Kamala Shankar (shankar-guitar), Toth Szabi (sitar – Hungary), Romain Loyer (sitar – France), Vijaya Shankar (tanpura), Anil Pathak (tabla).

First rendition, “the run up”,  based on Raag Hamsadhwani, began with initial Alap, and the composition was set to Teental. In this composition the artists made rich variety of Taans, difficult rhythm patterns, fast passages with clarity, beautiful creativity and the very fast Jhala. Second rendition, “the bowling” was based on Raag Khammaj, showing all the different levels of emotions. The third title, “the batting”, wished to inspire the Indian team to make more and more runs in, presented by a Raagmala, based on 32 different Raags. Last piece was based on Raag Bhairavi called “Bharat Vijayee Bhava”, which was the theme of the Orchestra…

Hindustan 03.10.2007.

Tóth Szabi, from Hungary, is so deeply devoted to Indian music and culture that he has entirely devoted himself to it. Not only he is a very good sitar player, but he also has a Budapest based radio station of his own, which broadcasts rare Indian music all day long. Tilos Radio is currently the most popular and most widely discussed radio in Europe.

Tóth Szabi came to Banaras for a performance of classical music. He owns a collection of recordings of masters (lit.: “elephants of the skies”) of Indian classical music like Imdad Khan, Enayat Khan, Waheed Khan, Habibuddin Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, just to name a few. Talking to “Hindustan” Tóth Szabi said that Indian culture is so deep and unfathomable that one wants to take a plunge into it. He also stated that he owns the film “Jalsaghar” made under the musical direction of Ustad Vilayat Khan and has subtiteled the film in his own “magyar” language. Tóth Szabi has spent years gathering his collection of rare Hindustani recordings. It is hard to think of a place where he hasn’t gone to get them. Tóth Szabi is a disciple of the famous Pandit Rajeev Janardan.

Hindustan 03.10.2007.

performing at DD1 with Pandit Vinode Pathakji on tabla 08.12.2006.

“(in the studio) Hungarian Tóth Szabi has devoted himself to Indian music. On the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima he hipnotized the audience with his playing in Imdadkhani style. Tóth’s sitar playing is a miraculous mixture of sweetness and technical dexterity.

(report from the venue) Tóth Szabi who comes from Hungary has shown that he has a real understanding of Indian music. The young instrumentalist, who devotes himself to Indian music, gained his musical education from Jajeev Janardan of Jabalpur and internationally famous Kamala Shankar. On the occasion of Guru Purnima he hypnotized the audience with his playing during a program organized in Sangit Kuti. The young sitarist commenced his concert with a presentation of Raag Yaman, in which he played vilambit and drut compositions in teentaal, preceded by harmonious alap, jor and jhala. Sweetness of expression, technical dexterity, fast passages and playing in third time proved that the musician has undergone good training and helped in creating the proper mood of the raag. Tabla accompaniment was executed by the famous Anil Moghe. When, during that evening, the pearls of Tóth’s music dispersed all over the room it seemed just as if we were witnessing a repetition of some musical gathering from the old times. Tóth’s refined playing shows correct use of swaras and creativity, it gives peace of mind to those who hear it. During the evening’s program Dr Kamala Shankar and Aprajita Banerjee presented their playing as well. Dr Harshey, Mr and Mrs Tamankar, Anand Joshi and some senior connoisseurs were among those in the audience.

That’s all for now in this bulletin. Watch BTV news for the live news feed. 😉 Please stay with us! “

Incredible Medley of Alap, Jor and Jhala in Raag Yaman Toth Szabi of Hungary,

representing the pure style of Imdadkhani Gharana, enchanted the listeners playing on the Guru Purnima in the house of his teacher. The Hungarian artist executed alap, jor and jhala in the evening raag Yaman. The stream of sounds flowing from his sitar made the audience relapse into enjoyment. Together with the tabla accompanist Anil Moghe they made the listeners moan in pleasure. The program comenced with a vocal recital of Aparajita Bannerjee and concluded, on a special request from the audience, with internationally famous Kamala Shankar’s performance of Raag Shyam Kalyan. Kamala Shankar plays Shankar Guitar, an instrument designed by herself.”

Nava Bharat 07.22.2005.

Svatantra Mat 07.21.2005.


“Classical Playing of Hungarian Sitarist Tóth Szabi Tommorrow an exceptional musical meeting is going to take place in Jabalpur on the occasion of Guru Purnima. Hungarian sitar player Tóth Szabi is going to play homage to his gurus Pt. Rajeev Janardhan and Dr. Kamala Shankar with his music. Famous tabla player Anil Moghe is going to be the accompanist…”

Nava Bharat 07.21.2005.


Dainik Bhaskar 07.21.2005.